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Tyler Mitchell Scouting Report

"Unheralded but consistent, mauling interior starter for Kansas St. with enough athleticism to get out and space and take out his target"



Consistent mauling starter upfront for the Cowboys for 3 seasons. Fires out, gets the 2nd level and hits targets. Drives feet on contact and moves the line.

Solid in pass pro and generally anchors out. Smooth footwork and can mirror guys. Solid awareness on combos and switches. Prototype angry, through the whistle mentality.

  • #62 Mitchell at RG collapses his side and batters Jeffrey Simmons creating a monster lane for his RB.

  • #62 Mitchell at RG gets out in space on these two plays and gets after the LB



Small framed and short armed. Solid initial quickness can defeat him. Occasionally loses the leverage game and gets rocked back.

  • Mitchell can't match good quickness upfront and it shows here vs Texas' Charles Omenihu.



Way off the radar sleeper that's been a consistent high level college interior blocker for 3+ seasons. Solid in both pass pro and as a people mover in the run game.

Often outmatched physically but gets the most out of his frame and attacks opponents. Technically sound and rarely gets embarrassed.

NFL Comp. Josh Kline



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