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Tuli Tuipulotu Scouting Report

"Thick, outside, inside defender with initial quickness and violent hands. He's strong, but he's a tweener and his turned up play style has him on the ground too often."



Thick, DE sized, interior defender with initial quickness and violent hands. Typically the first off the snap and bursts with leverage.

Can be a bully at the poa and anchors well even versus the double. Has clear path closing speed and is a finisher. Solid athletic ability for his size and is comfortable in space.



Tight, lacks balance and is on the ground a lot. Heavy handed but doesn't come off blocks especially fast.



Tuipulotu's a versatile defender with the physicality and technique to play inside and the mobility to play outside or even stand up off the edge. However as an edge he lacks the fluidity to consistently turn the corner.

On the inside he's surprisingly stout at the poa and can push with leverage and quickness as a pass rusher. Better technique and body control and he's Cam Jordan as a pro.

NFL Comp: Cameron Jordan



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