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Troy Pride Jr Scouting Report

"Mirrors anyone and shows solid technique. Surprisingly, excelled in press at senior week practices despite predominantly playing off at ND. A little more dog in his game could vault him forward"



Ideal speed, feet, hips and cod. Rarely threatened by speed. Mirrors anyone and shows solid technique. Clicks & closes well in zone.

Challenges at the catch point. Flashes some strength in his hands. Reliable open field tackler. Dominated man to man at senior week practices and was arguably the best corner there.

  • Pride Jr blankets and regularly challenges at the catch point.

  • After playing off the majority of his time at ND, Pride surprisingly excelled in press at senior week practices



Finesse with very little dog in his game. Passivity leaves plays on the field. Not a factor in run support. Could struggle with length and/or physicality.

  • 6'5 220 Lawrence Cager gets him here with his physicality and length at the top of the route.



Pride is a superior athlete that can run with and mirror anyone. Fluid hips, quick feet and cod are evident. That said, he was more or less nondescript at Notre Dame, although a solid performer.

He made the most of his opportunity at senior Bowl practices and dominated playing up more on receivers than he had for the Irishmen. If Pride develops a little more animosity to his game, he's in line for a solid pro career.

Play style reminds of former Browns CB Eric Wright or a softer Janoris Jenkins.

NFL Comp. soft Janoris Jenkins



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