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Trey Lance Scouting Report

"Elite armed QB with good mechanics, footwork and physical running ability but just 13 starts in a ball control, run first offense...iow he's basically a shot in the dark"



Elite armed QB with good mechanics, footwork and physical running ability. Snaps off throws to all levels. Flashes going through reads quickly. Accurate downfield thrower with plus velocity.

Tough and will stand in till the last moment. Decent speed out of the scramble with solid size. Reputed worker with solid intangibles.

A little bit of everything here in this short clip. Lance resets, comes off his 1st read quickly and rips a pass across the field with velocity and touch.



Raw as hell. One year starter in a ball control, run first offense. Athletic but not a top tier elusive runner or scrambler.

Suffers accuracy glitches from the pocket occasionally. Anticipation can be hit or miss.

Lance misses his RB on the wheel here vs the blitz but steps up and nails a much more difficult throw.



Lance is easily the biggest boom/bust of this QB class; the base frame of a franchise QB is there but nothing else. Selecting him high is a leap of faith because there's hardly there to evaluate.

Across 13 starts he's displayed an arm that is elite in terms of velocity and arm talent. He flashes the ability to manipulate the pocket with poise and progression read quickly.

And he's a sturdy, solid sized guy with mobility but his ability to be consistent with his accuracy and rapid reads are just shots in the dark.

NFL Comp. rugged Ryan Tannehill



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