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Trent McDuffie Scouting Report

Tactile, heavy handed corner with ideal athleticism, awareness and few weaknesses. The only real rub is that he hasn't been a big time playmaker."



Heavy handed, quick, mirror match corner. Tactile at the los and dominant if he can reach his opponent. Loose hipped, easy mover and can match up all over the field.

Awareness stands out and rarely false steps. Competent in run support and an adept blitzer that can light guys up. Capable punt returner. Lauded for his character, leadership and maturity.



Hasn't been a playmaker. Small frame, short armed, and avoids smoke if he can.



McDuffie displays few weaknesses in his film. He's a high motor, quick cover guy that's physical at the los in man and an adept click & close guy in zone.

Plays bigger and longer than he is. The only real rub is that he's not been a big playmaker on the ball. Reputed to be a dogged in week preparer and a probable future coach.

NFL Comp: Chidobe Awuzie



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