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Travon Walker Scouting Report

"Heavy hand power at the point of attack and rare pursuit ability at his size. The rub is that he's not as fluid of an athlete or as accomplished of a pass rusher as his freak testing suggests."



Lengthy, power guy at the poa with open field speed. Toys with blockers with strong hands and sets the edge. Gathers ground quickly in space.

Flashed coverage ability in man and has the mobility to be a factor in zone. Tested like an absolute elite freak, especially in agility drills.



Just adequate initial quickness and has slow, big guy feet. Inconsistent fluidity and balance on film. High pad level steals urgency out of his rush.

Tested like an explosive rusher but rarely lined up or won on the edge.



It's not the easiest read on Walker with how Georgia platoons their defensive lineman but he showed significant heavy hand power at the point of attack and his pursuit ability at his size is impressive. Similar skill set types have grown into better pros than college players like alum Justin Houston or Danielle Hunter.

Still, I think Walker showed remarkably better fluidity in testing than he did on film. I think the 5 technique is ideally his best position although he clearly demonstrated the rare traits to grow into an edge beast as well.

NFL Comp: shredded Stephon Tuitt



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