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Travis Etienne Scouting Profile

"Shot out of a cannon speed with good size and receiving skills, Etienne's only real drawback is having ordinary vision."



Blazing RB with size, toughness and good hands. Speed is shot out of a cannon. Generally runs to daylight effectively.

Good ball skills and is experienced catching the ball out of the backfield and in the slot. Clutch. Solid in pass pro. Strong motor and can be relentless. Big time returner.

Etienne's a three down back that can get defenders on their heels because of his speed.



Pad level often inconsistent. Has size but lacks sand can struggle to finish strong. Vision & patience is ordinary.

Etienne's pad level and consequently his ability to finish with power are inconsistent.



Etienne is an explosive runner and receiver that's a threat to the house on every touch. He's tough and doesn't back down between the tackles or in pass pro. He's a big asset in the passing game with some of his biggest plays coming on receptions.

If there's a knock it's that he doesn't always play as big as he is. He's often rocked in the hole or the open field on contact. His running ability is solid but he's not shown special vision or footwork. He's just a first step explosive athlete with good cod. Give him lanes and he'll tear up a defense though.

NFL Comp. bigger Kenyan Drake



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