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Steve Avila Scouting Report

"Wide body with a first step that mushes opponents. Isn't explosive but just quietly gets it done and offers the versatility to line up at Center or Guard."



Wide body with initial quickness that mushes opponents. Uniquely quick off the snap for a 330 lber. Capable at the second level and pulls effectively.

Bows up well and stones interior lineman. Relatively light feet and can move laterally. Equally capable at center or guard. Mature and a team captain.



Can play short armed and isn't explosively powerful. Occasionally doesn't sustain and can get overpowered or out leveraged.



Avila just quietly gets it done in the interior of the line. Whether at OC or OG, he's steadily stoning interior rushers and reaching his targets in the running game.

He's a thick wide body that moves well and plays poised and smart. If there's a drawback it's that he's a musher not a mauler.

NFL Comp: Laken Tomlinson



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