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Sirvocea Dennis Scouting Report

"Downhill menace with loose hips and physicality that's been adept as a disruptor behind the los but was a one trick pony at Pitt and needs some nuance to his game."



Urgent, shit talking, front seven defender with loose hips, speed and length. Active at the poa and flashes ability to use arm length to take on effectively. Screams downhill and can get slippery through the los.

Covers ground well and can drop in space effectively. Disruptive behind the los and adept as a blitzer or chasing down the ball carrier. Serious motor. On field leader that's an identity setter.



Negligable experience in coverage, undersized and can get overwhelmed at the poa. Reckless reader and overruns plays and tackles.



Dennis is a downhill menace with loose hips that finds his way to the ball one way or another. He flashes violent hands but more typically tries to avoid contact, even if it takes him out the play.

While seemingly having the athleticism to hold up in coverage, he rarely did so at Pitt. He can chase to the sidelines, has good hips for an off ball linebacker and has change of direction ability but was primarily a two down guy.

He flashes the ability to anticipate and has potential as a playmaker but was too much of a one trick pony at Pitt and needs nuance and strong coaching to really hit as a pro.

NFL Comp: Larry Foote



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