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Siaki Ika Scouting Report

"Dump truck with a first step that can look like a dominating penetrator when he's fueled up or like he's just taking up space when he's gassed."



Dump truck with point of attack power and a top tier initial burst. Typically the first guy off the snap and surges with sound leverage. Utilizes hands well and can steer, shed and two gap.

Impressive cod for his size. Anchors appropriately and handles the double team. Flashes good awareness of schemes and can disrupt.

#62 in the gif grain here, Ika has a bankable first step. When he's revved up with proper leverage, he's a moving truck inside.



Short armed and can have a selective motor. Leverage can be inconsistent. Inconsistent ball awareness. Occasionally just a two down guy. Balance often suspect and he's on the ground too much.



Ika's a true nose with a good first step but inconsistent film overall. At times he's just taking up space inside. In other games or reps, he's a legit monster. He generally plays with good leverage and comes off the ball quickly. He's short armed but has power in his hands.

He's adept at creating a pile up in his vicinity. He flashes the ability to collapse the pocket and disrupt behind the los. While his motor doesn't always appear to be turned up, when it's on he chases the ball across the field.

His floor is that of a two down run defender but he's shown enough flash to be intrigued that he can collapse a pocket regularly with pro conditioning.

NFL Comp: Star Lotulelei



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