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Shi Smith Scouting Profile

"Hard nosed, playmaker with a lot of gears that's been consistently productive every year at South Carolina but hasn't been as productive from snap to snap."



Impressive ball skills receiver with bully physicality and elite burst. First step quickness and hits top speed in a blink. Big time separation quickness in and out of routes. Flashes strong 50/50 catching in traffic.

Forces PI's. Highly productive every year. Sure handed, dangerous returner. Clutch. Looked like the quickest route runner at senior week practices.

Pick one play that describes Shi Smith...



Lacks great speed and size. Concentration lapses in traffic and can be inconsistent at the catch point. Easily triggered. Sacrifices his body and absorbs vicious hits.



Hard nosed playmaker with the ball in his hands. Has a lot of gears, is deceptively fast and separates well. Consistently productive for four years inside a talent laden WR room. Good open field runner and makes an impact as a returner and gadget guy.

Makes tough, physical grabs but can also get distracted by physicality and be inconsistent. Often plays a game within the game and triggers opponents... but also gets triggered himself. Punches up but lacks sand and size.

Smith's a volatile guy that plays with a chip and is ready to contribute as a playmaker from day one but is also a bit reckless and prone to nagging injuries and inconsistency from snap to snap.

NFL Comp. Kendall Wright



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