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Sean Tucker Scouting Report

"Big time running talent with elite burst and vision that's really only held back by his size, strength, and health concerns."



Elite burst and running skills in a carry on. Shows impressive vision and is adept at using patience or burst to set up blocks.

Loose hipped with top tier agility and can be elusive in space. Good ball skills and a threat as a receiver or screen option out the backfield. Ball security is an asset.



Small and lacks power. Can't push a pile and often gets tagged by a stray arm or hand. Pass pro isn't a strong suit. Suffered nagging injuries his last year at Syracuse and was red flagged at the combine.



Tucker's a big time running talent and is really only held back by his size & strength. His burst through creases is elite and he's adept at finding space or creating it with lateral quickness and changing up gears.

He's comfortable as a receiver and can run downfield routes. All that said, he's under powered as a runner in all aspects and potentially a liability in pass pro.

NFL Comp: faster Devin Singletary



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