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Ross Blacklock Scouting Report

"Stout, two year starter with limited production but possessing a solid pro skill set with initial explosion, maneuverability and quick hands"



Powerful with a good crossover and overall maneuverability. Quick out of his stance and flashes quick hands.

Can shed quickly. Has an anchor. Generally plays with leverage and gets a consistent powerful push. Flashes nice range.



Just an adequate motor. Stops his feet often at the los. Ball awareness can be lacking. Hand fighting can get lazy and he's relatively short armed. Achilles sidelined his 2018 season.



Blacklock is just a 2 yr starter with limited production but has a pro skillset and opted to cash in. When he's low he's got a dominant burst out of his stance and has the lateral quickness to be disruptive.

When he's high he's considerably less impactful and doesn't have the hands or motor to be a effective.

If he locks up his technique, Blacklock will be a solid starter to star. If he leans back on his athletic ability and lapses on consistent technique he's a rotational spot guy.

NFL Comp. Randy Starks



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