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Quentin Johnston Scouting Report

"Length, speed, receiver that's elusive in tight spaces and flashes game breaking ability. The drawbacks are that he's isn't as dominant at the catch point or as deceptive in his routes as you want."



Top tier deep threat guy with length and physicality. Explodes off the line and has quick feet for his frame. Attacks the ball in the air.

Physical and quick after the catch and a good yac threat. Puts in work as a blocker. Flashes a clutch gene.



One speed runner that's high cut and needs extra steps to gear down or change direction. Limited route experience.

Inconsistent on contested catches. Suffered through nagging injuries including knee. One year wonder.



Johnston has length, physicality and home run speed. He's got especially quick feet for his frame and is elusive in tight spaces. The catch is that he's a bit of a deliberate route runner at this stage, lacking deception.

He doesn't show many gears and is able to be mirrored by athletic corners. That said, he's still often a difficult matchup with his size, strength and speed. His projection could be dictated by the caliber of QB and offense he's enjoined too.

NFL Comp: angry D.J. Chark



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