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Peter Skoronski Scouting Report

"Athletic technician with a punch that's built like a OG but has held up competently at LT in the BIG 10 and projects both inside and out as a pro."



Explodes out of his stance in pass pro and the run game. Carries a solid punch and can rock guys back as a drive blocker. Technique sound and is quick to recognize switches or stunts.

Athletic lateral mover in pass pro, and a smooth second level blocker. Flashes ability to control and stalemate.



Inconsistent leverage and can be skated back by power. Lacks ideal length and loses guys around the edge and inside occasionally.



Skoronski's an athletic technician on the outside and generally holds his own despite having more of a OG's frame than OT's. He's mobile and quick with solid striking ability.

He's shows the ability to ratchet up his play to meet the competition... although that signifies his play can sometimes be inconsistent. He'll lose poorly to either speed or power on occasion.

NFL Comp: Zack Martin



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