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Perrion Winfrey Scouting Report

"Fiery, interior accelerator with a strong motor but can stall on contact, gets driven back with ease, and has balance and technique issues."



Interior linear accelerator with a strong motor. Fires off at the snap with some thump and is especially quick a to b.

Can run and track the ball carrier in space. Long armed and casts a wide net as a tackler. Flashes strong hands. Dominated the 1 on 1's at senior week with a two way go.



Limited functional strength to anchor inside. Has long arms but doesn't use them. Linear mover, tight hipped and has poor balance.

Slow to diagnose and often doesn't see the ball. Can get rooted out on drive blocks and washed away on down blocks.



Winfrey is a fast, fiery, linear interior player who can rip through ground when given space or an angle. With his enormous wingspan he can disrupt with his paws and bring down guys in the hole.

Downside is that on contact he's easily stalled. He doesn't take advantage of his length and stands up on blockers at the snap. He's washed away at the poa by even modest power. And although he's got linear quickness he's tight with poor lateral agility and not able to redirect or change direction well.

He's too often crashing in with awful balance and without the slightest recognition of where the ball is. He flashes explosive disruption but his leverage needs to be ideal from the jump and the target dead to rights.

NFL Comp: Xavier Cooper



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