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Patrick Queen Scouting Report

"Run and chase linebacker with speed that declared after a breakout year but remains an undersized, hit or miss tackler and playmaker"



Instinctive, fast, linear mover. Pursuit backer that goes sideline to sideline. Drops well and can cover a lot of ground.

Has some man cover ability. Anticipates in zone and closes fast. Flashes a strong punch at the point of attack.



Can take some awful angles. Undersized and hits blocks. Pedestrian lateral mover and gets shook in tight spaces.

Bites hard on play action. Guesses more than reads keys. Doesn't want to stick his head in and get dirty. One year starter and started the year as a backup.

  • Queen is undersized and plays like it. He gets blocked in space and doesn't always have an urgency to come off it.

  • He flies around at high speed but too often takes awful angles and just whiffs on the ball, whether it's out in space or in tight.



Queen's a swing for the fences guy with a quick burst an impressive speed to the ball. He drops effectively and has some man/zone coverage attributes.

He carries a lot of upside as a run and chase backer but can take some truly awful angles to the ball. He's a solid linear mover but his cod doesn't match up and he lets quicker guys out. He flashes animosity but he's a finesse guy that wants to keep his nose clean.

NFL Comp. Geno Hayes



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