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Paris Johnson Jr Scouting Report

"Has an ideal NFL frame, top tier athleticism for his size and can be a bullet train on the move. But in pass pro at the poa, he's often slow twitch, lacks an anchor and can get run through inside or out."



Prototype sized, mobile bullet train in the run game. Quick off the snap and generates push downhill. Generally technique sound, explosive out of his stance moving downhill and into the second level.

Throws practiced hands in pass pro and flashes the ability to bow up against a bull rush. Plays angry and through the whistle. Experienced playing inside and out.



Generally under-powered, lacks an anchor and can get tossed around by power. Mechanical sets in pass pro and can false step. Occasionally caught by quickness inside and outside.

Inconsistent sustaining blocks and gets shed with haste. Occasionally late to trigger with his hands and gives up his chest.



Johnson has an NFL frame and impressive athleticism. He's experienced and generally technique sound. Jumps off the snap and effortless and mean into the second level. But he's not as adept pitt fighting at the poa.

His anchoring ability is suspect and he compensates by trying to shoot first. But the overcompensation can lead to false steps and he can struggle to recover. While his length is good he doesn't regularly sustain and gets shed with quickness.

Johnson's potentially a beast on the move in a zone scheme with dominant ability in the running game, and he'll likely grow stronger, but the trench pitt battles will likely never be his strong suit.

NFL Comp: Will Beatty



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