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Nick Hampton Scouting Report

"Lean, first step quick edge with a big motor. Punches up with active, violent hands but just doesn't have the size or strength to hold his own at the poa."



Lean, first step quick edge linebacker with violent hands. Strong motor aids solid speed, acceleration and can run and chase all over the field.

Flashes a bull rush belying his size. Adept in space and can adequately anticipate and cover. Active at the poa and regularly punched up over his weight.



Weight class deficient for an edge and gets bodied by bigger, stronger blockers. Has some tightness and doesn't run the arc like you want a guy his size to.



Hampton's a high motor, undersized edge defender that's forever punching above his weight. He flashes some physicality in his hands and has a bull rush that adds to his solid burst and field speed.

He's comfortable in space and could find a home as an off ball linebacker. As an edge, he can get buried at the point and isn't special at getting off blocks or being slippery off the snap.

NFL Comp: lean Josh Uche



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