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Mohamed Ibrahim Scouting Report

"Sawed off power back with a good combination of mobility, vision and burst. The knock is that he's not explosive and doesn't offer much in pass pro or as a receiver."



Sawed off power back with good lateral mobility and vision. Has a burst to the hole and finishes runs. Demonstrates good patience and is adept at running to daylight.

Good contact balance and can rack yards after contact. Workhorse ready with nearly 900 college carries.



Lacks speed and ideal explosion. Poor pass pro guy and very little experience as a pass catcher. Injury history with an Achilles tear that took out his 2021 season. Heavy college workload.



Ibrahim's a talented, rugged runner that has a good combination of mobility, vision and burst. He's physical and has appropriate contact balance. He's adept at managing his blocks and using burst or patience to find daylight.

The draw is that he's not especially explosive and doesn't offer much as a receiver or in pass pro. His monster workload at Minnesota is also a double edge in his projection with already suffering a serious lower leg injury. His game is similar to Kareem Hunt out of Toledo sans the receiving/pass pro ability.

NFL Comp: Javon Ringer


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