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Michael Mayer Scouting Report

"Throwback type that's equally capable as a pass receiver and blocker but somewhat of a lethargic mover that wins by boxing out more than athleticism."



Rugged throwback that's as adept a pass catcher as inline blocker. soft hands, solid ball skills and adept in contested situations. Decent contact balance and determination after the catch.

Capable blocker that can hold up in pass pro and in the running game. effective at the poa and can stalk in space. Clutch and tough.



Lethargic mover that doesn't regularly threaten the seam. Pedestrian foot quickness. Not an explosive or overpowering blocker.



Mayer is a blocking TE with exceptional ball skills that effectively overshadow his pedestrian mobility. He's an adequate mover but can't typically threaten seams or generate separation. That said, he's adept in traffic, solid at leveraging contact and can adjust to bad balls.

NFL Comp: Anthony Fasano



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