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Marquan McCall Scouting Report

"Bully" is a brute force, 0 with a surprisingly quick first step... but can't stay off the ground and needs a weight management plan to realize his upside."



Brute force, 0 technique with a surprisingly quick first step. Fires off the snap with generally good leverage and rocks the man in front of him.

Solid mobility in short spaces and can close to the ball. Difficult to root out even when playing high. Showed up svelte at the Shrine practices and dominated the poa.



Lacks balance and is always on the ground. Plays short armed and doesn't utilize his hands. slow recognition and can't always find the ball.

Hits all the trash on his way to the ball. Can pop up at the snap and let guys into his body. weight management is an issue.



"Bully" McCall has a special skillset for an interior nose in that he can fire off the ball with impressive burst at his weight. what's lacking is precision with his hands to control and disengage.

His balance is generally atrocious and he's cancelled by getting into his legs or muddying his path to the ball. Dropped nearly 40lbs from his listed weight in pre draft prep and showed especially well at shrine practices.

Weight management is likely critical to his projection as a pro. With improved hand technique and maintaining a sustainable size, he could be a seal of an interior defender.

NFL Comp: Grady Jackson



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