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Malik Willis Scouting Report

"Elite arm talent with electric, rugged running ability... but that's it. Everything else is basically a start up from the ground."



RPO guy with elite arm talent and electric, rugged running ability. Easy thrower on the move and can make high difficulty throws. Solid mechanics and a plus velocity thrower for tight windows.

Capable of changing arm angles and throwing hard from awkward positions. Flashes precision bucket throws and touch passes. Angry runner with burst, elusiveness in the open field and contact balance. High character guy with leadership qualities.

Improvisation and scrambling is what will ultimately make or break Willis as a pro. His film is littered with pure arm throws from awkward positions after buying time...but the downside is that hero ball tendencies often lead to game changing mistakes.



Doesn't do pre snap reads and doesn't turn progression reads. Predetermines throws and locks onto targets.

Doesn't see out in front of throws and stares down them down. Gets tight and presses in the clutch. Ball security can be an issue.



Willis has been the Cam Newton of the ASUN conference for the last two seasons. His running ability has been a greater threat then his arm but every so often he'll uncork these pro level, un-defendable dimes on opponents.

At this point as a prospect, his running ability, arm talent and mechanics are about elite....but that's about it. Everything else is basically a start up from the ground. He'll need major development with recognition/processing, turning reads, footwork and poise.

If he's an intuitive leaner he could realize his potential like a number of stand out runner/scramblers before him, ...Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Steve Young, Donovan McNabb, Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson...all became adept at countering their processing with improvisation as they matured. If not, he projects as an athletic, exciting player, but a limited starting QB.

NFL Comp: Kordell Stewart



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