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Mac Jones Scouting Report

"Looked an awful lot like #1 overall pick Joe Burrow but doesn't have the same mobility. Needs to thrive in clutch situations to really reach his Matt Ryan-esque type ceiling"



Quick release, touch passer with quality pocket mobility and presence. Quick, consistent footwork. Adept downfield passer that consistently drops it in the bucket on time. Impressive accuracy on moving targets and crossers.

Generally good ball placement. Quick progression reader and good decision maker. Can stand in under pressure. Dives in to preparation. Carries the "they doubt me" chip and persevered to one the best collegiate QB seasons on record.

Jones' lack of athleticism takes are a bit overblown. His footwork in and around the pocket is solid.



Out of pocket throws aren't his strength. Just an adequate arm and struggles to get zip on off platform passes. One year wonder. Talent loaded Bama team inflated his stats. Off field character concerns creeping around.



Jones looked an awful lot like #1 overall pick Joe Burrow this past season en route to his Heisman run. The biggest difference between the two is sheer mobility. While Jones can extend a play here and there and maneuver well within the pocket, he struggles to escape would be sacks and finish strong off platform throws, whereas Burrow excelled there.

Besides that, there's not much to pick apart about Jones' game. He had a phenomenal season and looked like an NFL QB playing college ball. When WR's Jaylen Waddle and DeVonta Smith were asked to choose between Mac and Tua, without hesitation they both backed up McCorkle.

Two of Jones' favorite pro athletes are Conor McGregor and Tim Tebow. The guy kept Tebow life quotes in his arm band for years. His coaches raved about his football IQ. On the field, from the standpoint of where you want your potential franchise QB's head at, Jones is it.

Off the field, in the locker room, could be another matter. Jones doesn't have the luxury of being a tools unicorn like a Josh Allen, if "culturally insensitive" skeletons are similarly dug up.

The key trait he needs to build upon to be a successful is clutch ability. With his skill set being fairly ordinary he has to thrive in key situations to really reach his Matt Ryan-esque type ceiling.

NFL Comp. Kurt Cousins



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