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Lynn Bowden Jr Scouting Report

"Combative, natural playmaker that plays with an enormous chip but also a considerable project that isn't a WR yet, and is carrying a volatile personality"



Combative playmaker with elusiveness, deceptive strength and an extra gear. Good hands and dominates in traffic. Changes direction on a dime. Impressive contact balance. Stronger than he looks and runs with leverage.

Special vision as a runner and strings moves together. Has an extra gear tracking deep balls. Quick hands and a strong stiff arm. Can block with a grudge when he's gassed up. Resilient.



Raw athlete and doesn't know how to run routes. Has gears but not a blazer. Petty. Talks a lot of shit, starts confrontations and is immature.



Bowden Jr is a natural playmaker with the ball that shows patience, vision, elusiveness and strength. He plays with an enormous chip that can prompt him to be a clutch performer but he can also can let it devolve into petty, selfish antics.

He's a blank slate but a project as a receiver with little nuance and tremendous upside. Offers immediate value as a situational playmaker with the ball and returner.

His ceiling is legitimately Julian Edleman if he's a grinder and coachable. That said, with all the variables, I'll cut the difference and call him a slower Percy Harvin.

NFL Comp. slower Percy Harvin



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