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Lewis Cine Scouting Report

"Long, cornerback framed safety with bee line speed and a no regard for life hitter that nevertheless could improve tackling technique and playmaking on the ball."



Long framed safety with blistering linear speed. Big hitter when he's on target and eats up ground flying into the lane.

Experienced sitting single high, in the box or in the slot. Shows good awareness and anticipates. Competent in man coverage.



Lacks balance and falls off targets that aren't perfectly lined up. Isn't a playmaker on the ball. False steps in man coverage.



Cine is a long corner with bee line speed and a no regard for life hitter. He's an adept last line defender but relishes the knock out shot a bit too much and can leave the gate open.

He can cover ground remarkably fast sideline to sideline but isn't as adept in coverage or on making plays on the ball.

NFL Comp: Charles Godfrey



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