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Leo Chenal Scouting Report

"Yoked up, gap crashing throwback that ate his athletic testing but isn't as field fast as he timed and could be a matchup liability in coverage."



Yoked up, gap crasher with impressive strength and recognition. Secure tackler that closes quickly. Sheds in a blink and wades through trash well.

Effective blitzer that forces big boy blocks. Solid awareness in zone coverage. Ate his athletic testing.



Clunky change or direction and tight in space. Despite timed speed, isn't field fast and is a matchup liability in coverage. One year wonder.



Throwback style guy who's recognition and power vs the run are his best attributes. Finds the ball efficiently in traffic and is a sound tackler. Instincts are generally on point despite his inexperience.

Flashes competence in zone coverage and gets in passing lanes but is likely a liability in man. He lacks great speed and is clunky trying to change direction.

NFL Comp: slower footed Chris Borland



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