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Leki Fotu Scouting Report

"Tall, 330 pounder that can be a major disruptor when he wins with leverage. Outside of that, he can be stalemated high or steered out of the hole"



Tall, 330 ponder that can come off the ball with quickness and power. Impressive linear mover. Throws guys around eventually upfront with strong hands. Flashes a good anchor despite his height. Solid motor.



Play awareness lacking and winds up going exactly where an opponent wants him to go. Fooled by play action.

Occasionally high and stalemated or bounced back. Changes direction like a cruise ship.



If Fotu wins leverage he can be a major disruptor. His linear mobility and quickness is impressive for a large DT.

That said, he's often stalemated playing high and can be steered entirely out of the hole if he has to redirect to the ball. If his football IQ improves, he'll be a worthy piece upfront.

NFL Comp. bigger Jared Odrick



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