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Laviska Shenault Scouting Report

"Man among boys guy with power, burst and ball skills but the drawback is that his body hasn't held up to his physical play style"



Man among boys guy with size, power, burst and ball skills. Dominates in traffic with strong hands and body control. Quick feet and can make decisive cuts.

Impressive contact balance. Solid short area quickness for a thick guy. Dangerous open field runner and returner. Solid, physical blocker. Solid play awareness. Has a clutch gene. Resilient and tough.

  • Lined up wide at the top of the screen, Shenault gets physical with 1st rounder Jaylon Johnson at the top of the route, although snow aided. On this next clip also lined wide, he shows quick footwork and burst on his release vs Nebraska.

  • Shenault arguably has the best ball skills of any skill guy in this class. Here he high points and digs out a couple of passes in the snow vs Utah and lays out for a fingertip grab vs Nebraska



Initiates collisions but takes as much as he receives and has durability issues. More sudden than fast.

Played near as much at HB as WR and ran a limited route tree. Suffered labrum, turf toe and core muscle injuries that all required surgery.



  • Out the HB spot Shenault takes on the entire UCLA team here showing off his cod, balance and animosity with the ball in his hands


Shenault's basically an especially explosive H Back. He's got the suddenness to get past guys and the ball skills to outrebound and pluck passes.

He's physical and plays big when he needs to, whether off his release, at the top of his route or going up for the ball. He can be a formidable move blocker or a tough pile pushing runner with the ball.

The drawback is that his body hasn't held up to his physical play style. He's played through nagging injuries to his shoulder, toe and core with toughness, and still made plays... but it's slowed him and puts a damper on his long term durability.

NFL Comp. bigger Sammy Watkins



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