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La'Mical Perine Scouting Report

"Tough, reliable 3rd down back type with solid size and great hands but lacks ideal quickness and power"



Receiving back with good ball skills and the hands to salvage the errant pass. Solid, experienced, route runner and pass protector.

Tough, patient, inside runner that takes what's there. Fights to stay up, keeps feet moving through contact and has flashed yards after contact ability. Has some wiggle and burst in the open field.



Just adequate burst, speed and elusiveness. Has decent size and strength but lacks power through contact and isn't a banger.



Perine was a good part of Florida's passing game and it's reflected in his ability as a pass protector and receiver. He's a tough, reliable 3rd down back and an asset as a receiver out of the backfield, but lacks ideal burst, power and elusiveness.

He has a really similar game to Wisconsin's James White but he's not quite as quick.

NFL Comp. stiffer James White



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