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Kyle Trask Scouting Profile

"Strong statured guy with perseverance, easy accuracy and monster production but has the skill set of a back up QB."



Phenomenal, consistent accuracy, touch and ball placement when he has space to throw. Persevered and put up monster production this past year. Good stature and durability. Poised and precise when it's on schedule.



Pop gun arm. Struggles to hasten his mechanics when needed and still thrive. Predetermines throws and puts it up for grabs.

Awfully deliberate if his first read isn't there. He's not eluding any sacks ever.



Remarkably consistent performer with great accuracy and touch. Shredded defenses with poise and reliability game after game. The drawback is that he has a backup skill set.

Struggles to get good zip on the ball and doesn't have terrific mobility to maneuver around the pocket. Trask compensates by getting the ball out quickly but he's often locking in to the first read and firing it whether it's there or not.

NFL Comp. alpha Connor Cook



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