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Kwity Paye Scouting Profile

"Rocked up, stout, power DE with a strong motor that tested like a freak but tends to spin his wheels and struggle to free up and finish."



Rocked up, stout, power end with a strong motor. Bench presses guys at the snap and walks them back. Destroys blockers if he gets under them.

Is quick and changes direction well. Has range and can track down the field. Tested like a boss at his pro day.


Paye gets under and embarrasses Notre Dame's well regarded lineman Aaron Banks and Echenberg on these plays



Lacks instincts and recognition. The opposite of slippery and can struggle to free up. Hands aren't violent. Doesn't play as explosive as he tested.


Unfortunately, this result is more common for Paye. Here, Echenberg ties him up for the duration.



Paye is your typical, high power Wolverine power end. He's compact and stout and is rarely rooted out at the poa.

He's quick and strong off the snap and sets the edge but tends to spin his wheels and struggle to free up and finish. Compounding that is that he lacks great instincts and recognition, regularly losing track of the ball carrier.

The traits are elite and he flashes impressive change of direction and short area quick's to go along with his power, but isn't efficient and doesn't anticipate.

NFL Comp. Oliver Vernon



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