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Kobie Whiteside Scouting Report

"Explosive first step pug that flashed in 2019 but has been off the map since. An UDFA that's quick in short spaces and stout at the poa."



Explosive first step pug that can disrupt the interior. Almost always the first man off the ball. Gets leverage and stays stout. Able to work the double team. Flashes decent lateral mobility for his bulk. Strong motor and productive when healthy.



Often halted after his initial surge. Plays short armed and doesn't quickly come off blocks. Limited range with some hip stiffness. Burns his fuel quickly.

Suffered through ankle and knee injuries in 2020 that limited him to roughly 4 of the teams 10 games. Had a quiet 2021 and tumbled down draft boards.



Didn't have a great 20' with nagging injuries and disappeared in 21' but I thought Whiteside had a better 19' season than 20' 3rd rounder Jordan Elliott. He's explosive off the ball when he's gassed up and he can get under guys and wreck the interior.

He's quick in short spaces and can hold his own at the 0 but lacks range and length to free up after his initial surge.

NFL Comp. Roy Miller



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