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Keytaon Thompson Scouting Report

"Unique elusiveness and physicality on a long wiry frame but he's never mastered a position and remains a big time developmental project."



Physical, open field king that's a wiry strong WR/RB. Elite lateral mobility for a tall guy. Consistently makes the first guy miss. Drives through contact, absorbs punishment and comes back for more.

Flashes strong hands and made a notable jump in development over his career. Versatile and has been a versatile playmaker as WR,RB and Returner.

Thompson has unique elusiveness and contact balance for his linear frame and at times took over the game as a weapon.



Lacks a true position. Runs high, absorbs too much punishment and doesn't recognize when the play is over.

Former QB still learning the basics of route running. Focus drops can be an issue. Ball security needs work especially with his balls out style.



Thompson made an impressive switch to WR after transferring from Miss St. He's a tall sturdy guy with elite yac ability. At times he was the best playmaker on the field for Virginia. The drawback is he's still especially raw to the position and didn't have the breakthrough as a senior some projected.

He's purely a developmental project in the mold of a slower Cordarrelle Patterson. His ball skills are solid but focus drops have been an issue and he's not a savvy route runner.

NFL Comp: beta Josh Cribbs



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