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Keon White Scouting Report

"Big guy with fluidity for his size that's angry and disruptive when fully charged up, but burns fuel like a GT and plays with all gas and no plans."



Gassed up, power end that's disruptive when charged up. Solid explosion off the snap and can bully blockers backward. Flashes solid stack and shed ability.

When anticipation is on he gets wherever he wants to go. Has solid bend, cod and fluidity for his size. Mobile, can stand up and hang in space.



All gas no plans. Lacks body control and balance. Inconsistent awareness and can get washed by down blocks. Inconsistent hand use and can get stuck. Burns fuel quickly like a GT.



White's a mobile power edge that often plays with a monster motor. That strength, however, is sometimes a weakness as he can lack discipline and awareness. Play style is borderline reckless and he finds the ground, gets swept away on blocks, or overruns the ball.

He's a disruptive force vs the run and pass with a full tank but he'll need more precision and anticipation to reach his potential.

NFL Comp: Pernell Mcphee



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