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Kenneth Gainwell Scouting Profile

"Former starting WR that looks like a natural at RB. He's a patient, tough, homerun threat but doesn't have special burst out the gate."



Compact RB/WR with game breaking athletic ability. Physical and regularly gains yards after contact when he wins leverage. Quick feet and breakaway speed in the open field.

Good vision and patience. Experienced receiver and route runner with solid ball skills. Flashed sound pass pro ability.



Hit or miss in pass pro. Tightly wound but lacks sheer size and not hard to tackle in the hole. More of a build up speed guy than a shot out a cannon type. Patience can teeter on indecisiveness. Not clutch.



Former WR that looks like a natural at RB. Runs with more power and tenacity than you'd expect. Elusive in space with quick feet and body control.

Strong receiver as expected with good experience as a route runner. Imo the best of the recent Memphis runners coming into the NFL that just needs to run with more urgency right out the gate.

NFL Comp. little Arian Foster



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