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Kelee Ringo Scouting Report

"Elite athlete that flashes playmaking ability but hasn't settled in at cornerback and could see a transition to safety as a pro."



Good sized corner/safety with long arms and requisite speed. Flashes hands and comes up hard in run support. Good ball skills. Carries versatility to play safety or play in the slot. Flashes playmaking ability. Is an elite athlete that tested through the roof.



Lacks balance in his stance and gets rocked by physical blockers. Subsequently doesn't use his length or punch prominently at the poa.

Lacks anticipation, often finds his feet stuck and struggles to mirror. Gets run past down the field and lacks a second gear to recover. Lacks poise and is prone to pi.



Ringo looks and runs like a prototype CB but his technique, quick twitch and poise are lacking. His anticipation and short area quickness isn't ideal and he often finds himself beat off the snap and can struggle to recover.

He doesn't employ his hands well enough in press and often gets knocked off balance by quick strikers whether getting into their route or blocking. Barring a comprehensive technique intervention I think Ringo's destined to move to safety as a pro.

NFL Comp: Eric Rowe



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