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Karl Brooks Scouting Report

"Expert hands, tweener that could be a standout run defender but lacks the ideal explosiveness to be as consistent a pro pass rusher as he was in the MAC."



Versatile interior defender with expert hands. Good initial push and wins leverage at the poa. Quick, heavy hands, stays free and finds the ball. Plays stout and holds up vs a double. Top tier lateral mobility for his size.



Not especially explosive or fast. Average arm length. Motor burns up quickly.



Brooks is a DT that was athletic enough to play on the edge in the MAC but likely an interior player in the league. He's not explosive off the snap but has impressive lateral agility, leverage and quick hands. He's potentially a standout run defender with his ability to anchor, stay free, and get to the ball.

He's active as a disruptor and quick into gaps. The only knocks are his less than ideal length and lack of great explosiveness.

NFL Comp: MAC Christian Wilkins



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