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Kadarius Toney Scouting Profile

"Highlight reel, all purpose threat that plays each play like it's his last but has been an underachiever and a good bit of refinement and efficiency added to his game."



All purpose threat with elite lateral agility and contact balance. A juke god that breaks ankles with the very best. Angry open field running skills with the ability to make anything into a chunk play.

Gathers yards after contact and rarely tackled by the first guy. Flashes clutch traits with big games vs the toughest opponents. Flashes ability to make acrobatic catches. Plenty of gears as a route runner. Big time returner.



Not an efficient mover. Doesn't play as fast as his timed speed. Doesn't know when the play is over and is susceptible to strips and injury. Not a natural hands catcher. Route running is a work in progress. Gets hemmed up in his route if his quickness is matched or anticipated.



Toney's been an underachiever at Florida as a whole. He's been an elite playmaker with the ball in his hands since day one but never developed into anything more than a return specialist/gadget guy until his final year with Trask at QB.

His route running is mediocre after four years but he compensates with ridiculously lateral agility that most defenders can't match. His ball skills can be hit or miss but he's come down with clutch plays in big moments. His punch up play style borders on reckless.

He's such a dog as a yac runner that he just refuses to go down..ever. It's exciting but he's also been contorted and stripped of the ball regularly. His draft projection is volatile. If he matures and dedicates to the craft he's got the talent to be Julian Edleman-esque, on an optimistic downside, he's like another Dwayne Harris.

NFL Comp. Patrick Crayton



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