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K.J. Hamler Scouting Report

"Small, blazer that brings game changing ability with the ball in his hands and a balls out approach. Reliability and precision are his only hurdles"



Blazer with dangerous open field running ability. Especially quick feet, change of direction, burst and vision. Generally strong ball skills; catches away, over his head, and extends for tough balls.

Competitive little blocker with toughness. Game changing return ability. Has a clutch gene. Impressive motor.

  • Hamler can be a game changing player with the ball in his hands.

  • Identical routes here vs OSU's Shaun Wade in the slot. Uncertainty from the corner whether he'll actually see the same route again is a factor but Hamler's little fraction hesitation before his break also creates more separation the second go around.

  • Clutch game winning grab here vs solid coverage from Clifton Duck.



Not a technician as a route runner. Shows his hand and can be impatient. Double catches some balls. Not the greatest 50/50 catcher. 14% career drop rate. Durability a concern at his size and with his balls out approach.



  • Loved this play from Hamler vs Ohio St. He goes full tilt to try and get the block out ahead of Trace McSorley.


Hamler's a tough, playmaking, big play WR and returner. His route running could be more precise but his feet and burst are electric and should be a chore to defend. He makes tough catches and can bail out an errant pass but also double catches and suffers concentration drops.

Occasionally hindered with physicality at the los and at the catch point but his lateral quickness and aggressiveness generally counteract. He has a good deal of DeSean Jackson in his game but he also reminds me of a faster Jamison Crowder.

NFL Comp. faster Jamison Crowder



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