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Justin Madubuike Scouting Report

Short, bulked up, edge guy playing inside, that needs to shoot first or he's not effective.



Like a bulked up edge guy. Can power thru he if gets underneath guys. At his best playing low and powerful. Flashes ability to range well for an interior player when he's gassed up.



Not explosive off the snap. Gets tied up and doesn't shed quickly. Plays small and high too often. Balance isn't great. Doubles often put him in the dirt. Inconsistent motor.



Madubuike needs to shoot first or he's not effective. He's stout and powerful and can leverage his man into the backfield, but if his man bows up and gets his hands on him he's largely nullified.

He's a tweener that lacks great get off for the edge and good size for the inside.

NFL Comp. Akeem Spence



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