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Justin Fields Scouting Report

"Cannon armed, arm talent and clear running threat with big game grit that nonetheless has spooked some evaluators after flashing some particularly bad no-no's on film"



Cannon armed arm talent with rugged running ability. Consistently accurate to all levels in clean pockets. Adept off platform when he can reset his feet. Flashes the ability to alter or speed up his throwing angles and mechanics.

Good velocity and can test tight windows. Flashes NFL anticipation. Adept footwork and mechanics in the pocket. Capable of clutch performances in big games. Clear running threat with burst and Cam Newton level physicality.

Tough AF, shakes off collisions and can play through contact. Mature, face of the franchise type leader on and off the field.


The first clip vs Clemson has been the go to counter for any argument that Fields is late to read and/or look off defenders.

He demonstrably looks to the TE wide open in the flat before unloading the bomb for the TD.

Subsequent Michigan and Nebraska clips appear to be the identical play with each also resulting in big plays to the post.

What's interesting is that Fields does the exact same look off to the flat in each. It poses the question...are these examples of him reading and manipulating the defense or is this how this play is scripted up? ...and fwiw does it even matter?



Late eyes, with a glitchy processor that can panic under heavy pass pressure. Often has a deliberate delivery, set up and process. Can aim and telegraph his throws. Absorbs a ton of contact as a runner and scrambler and it'll eventually take it's toll. Track speed doesn't translate to play speed.


This is the spooky stuff. Here in the red zone for the Sugar Bowl Playoff, Fields appears to read both crossers running wide open to the end zone but instead throws to the only receiver that was actually covered.

In his two worst plays vs Indiana, Fields is either late to anticipate or simply doesn't see his open receiver and throws up egregious interceptions.



Once considered the lock QB#2 of this class, Fields has been a polarizing prospect with analysts squaring off, catching feelings and even bringing race into the discussion.

The majority of Fields film shows a poised, strong armed athlete with the arm talent to make every throw and notable grit in crucial situations. But a smaller part shows a too deliberate, late eyes passer that's prone to inexplicably poor decisions under heavy pressure. The question is whether these are blips or markers.

Before 2020 Indiana and Northwestern I had concerns about Fields' needing a clean pocket to operate, showing slow eyes, a deliberate release, and just above average scrambling ability.

Those two games may have simply exposed him and brought up flaws that were there all along. The primary concern I have with him is that he appears a tick late throughout his process. From his post reads, to his drop, and mechanics, I think everything needs to speed up.

I got a lot of Mitchell Trubisky/DeShone Kizer vibes pouring over Field's tape but his sheer grit, physicality and leadership is reminiscent of Cam Newton out of Auburn. If nothing else, all the draft scrutiny around him should create a pretty sizable chip, if there wasn't one already, akin to the chip Newton held over his character and ability to process concerns in 2011.

NFL Comp. Cam Newton



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