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Juju Brents Scouting Report

"Xenomorph with an absurd combination of length, speed and agility. Just a stick of clay project, however, because his anticipation and technique are sorely lacking."



Xenomorph with an absurd length and speed combination. Covers ground in a blink and can recover from mistakes. Willing and aggressive to the ball and will attack the los against bigger opponents when needed.

Flashes strong hands in press. Reliable drag down tackler in the open field. Better short area quickness than most guys his length and flashes the ability to mirror in man. Flashes impressive click & close playing off. Stood out on 1 on 1s at pre draft practices.



Struggles to anticipate, lacks confidence in man coverage and plays too passive. Technique is shoddy and he doesn't use his hands or length effectively in press.

Tackling technique is off and he lounges with little sand, rather than run through targets. Ball awareness is poor and he doesn't make many plays on the ball.



Brents is an impressive stick of clay DB prospect. He's got a unique combination of length, speed and agility. And he flashes the ability to be physical when he's forced to punch up at the poa. He's long but has the short area quickness and feet to mirror effectively.

The rub is that his play lacks anticipation and he's always reacting a beat late, rather than dictating the action. He's passive and predictable with his hands in press and typically late on the draw. It's ironic, in that he flashes violent hands versus bigger opponents but plays smaller ones passively.

He's a high ceiling DB project with the potential to move to safety if necessary but the challenge is going to be to inject a massive dose of anticipation and better confidence into his game.

NFL Comp: Dontae Johnson



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