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Josh Metellus Scouting Report

"Coiled up, physical safety with man coverage skills and tackling ability but got away with a lot of flag worthy, tactile coverage at Ann Arbor"



Coiled up, physical safety with coverage skills and tackling ability. Night, night, hitter that flies to the ball seeking collisions. Good awareness and anticipation in man. Solid short area burst.

Good feet and cod. Experienced slot CB that held his own vs taller, faster players. Comfortable playing single high and up in the box. Adept open field tackler. Big mitts. Forever motor.



Struggles to range sideline to sideline and hits traffic. Tactile and draws fouls in coverage. Inconsistent anticipation in off coverage. Gassed up hitter that needs to dial it back to avoid personal fouls.



Metellus can look like a stout, throwback LB at times, but had the anticipation, cod and man press skills to be a solid slot CB. He's experienced all over the field and brings animosity and reliability. Flies up in run support and strikes into lanes. Relishes collisions, at times, a little too much.

His range isn't a strength and he gets tactile and physical in coverage often enough to draw more flags than they were called. That said, it's easier to dial it back then turn it up. Showed well at senior week practices and tested strong at the combine.

NFL Comp. bigger Vonn Bell


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