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Joseph Ossai Scouting Profile

"Freak athlete with size and a forever motor but is a linear mover with rough technique, recognition ability, and experience on the edge."



Freak athlete with size and a good motor. Pursues forever. Has length and flashes some power in his hands. Easy mover in space and has started at inside LB.

Solid tackler in space with a giant wingspan. Playmaker on the ball that capitalizes on opportunities.



Lacks technique with his hands and long arms and gets stuck on blocks. Good speed but doesn't have a great first step. Stiff hips and doesn't have good bend. Clunky cod in space; more of a linear athlete.

Can loose awareness of the ball and leave plays on the field. Struggles in coverage if he doesn't get a punch in. Occasionally too tall and can be blown off the los. Nagging shoulder injuries the past two seasons.



Ossai has prototype tools and size for an elite edge player but not the technique or instincts. He started predominantly at ILB as a freshman and sophomore with mixed results. Had a marginally better year as a junior fixed as an edge.

He's a workout warrior with a great motor and some production that'll attract a position coach but it's a bit of a buyer beware.

He's a first of the bus guy but produced on sheer raw ability and hustle. As a junior he appeared to improve his hand work and leverage at the point but it's still a work in progress.

NFL Comp. broke Lorenzo Carter



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