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Jordan Addison Scouting Report

"Slim framed, efficient accelerator with ball skills that relishes the spotlight but might always be more sidekick than main character."



Efficient accelerator with great hands. Bursts in and out of breaks. Competes through contact. Changes direction without wasted movement and has gears to deceive defenders. Experienced returner. Clutch.

Addison projects as a potential high volume receiver inside a pass first offense but might always be more sidekick than main character.



More quick than truly fast. Rail thin and can get bullied. Suffers concentration drops.



Addison has near ideal quickness and great ball skills. He's capable of regularly making the tough grab and relishes the spotlight. Primarily worked out the slot and doesn't have the size or physicality to consistently beat the press.

That said, he's a competitor that fights hard against contact and can hold his own in contested catch situations. Addison's efficient and quick but isn't a blazer and won't outrun opponents or be a serious downfield threat.

NFL Comp: lean Robert Woods



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