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Jonathan Taylor Scouting Report

"Dangerous runner with terrific vision, quick feet, the burst to exploit small openings and breakaway speed in the open field. The elephant is ball security"



Elite burst and vision with the strength and contact balance to run through arm and ankle tackles. Stays square, offers quick feet and can leverage angles to open up space. Gets skinny and can slip through trash.

Brings a load if he out leverages the defender and keeps his feet moving to finish. Deceptive speed with his short strides. Can turn the corner and outrun in space. Competitive blocker.



Ball security has been abysmal with 18 fumbles in 3 seasons. Has a lot of mileage with over 900 carries. Limited experience as a receiver with some bad drops.



Taylor's a dangerous runner in more ways than one. He's got terrific vision, quick feet, and the burst to exploit small openings. Consistently stays square and can rub through trash. Combination of patience, short area burst and good feet allow him to create space and leverage broken tackles.

Significantly improved as a receiver as a junior and caught the ball well at the combine although is still far from a natural catcher. The elephant is his fumble rate and it's a potentially crippling trait for the next level. But he's a likely star if he can self correct.

NFL Comp. Ahman Green



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