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Jonathan Greenard Scouting Report

"Twitchy, rocked up edge presence that's a handful when he's gassed up, but needs more variety as a rusher to offset his lack of fluidity"



Twitchy, rocked up edge presence that can overwhelm tackles. Laterally explosive with quick hands and long arms. Powerful and holds the edge.

Smart, with solid awareness and quick hands. Gets a good share of deflections. Can stand up and is coordinated in the open field. Vocal field leader and a grinder during the week.



Lacks a solid counter if his initial move stalls. Shows some tightness and can get stuck. Better lateral quickness than linear burst. Inconsistent coming off blocks.

Rips through his gas quickly and his motor can wane. 2018 wrist ligament injury still affected him in 2019. One year full time starter.



Greenard is a handful when he's gassed up. His foot, hand quickness and motor are impressive. But if he's initial move is stalled, he can struggle to come up with a quick counter. And his speed to power doesn't regularly take.

His motor's often attributive to his production but when it's's on. He's a physical, quick presence on the edge as both a run and pass defender that needs a bit more variety as a rusher to offset his lack of fluidity.

NFL Comp. longer Olivier Vernon



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