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Jerry Jeudy Scouting Report

"Sudden, precise mover with elite lateral quickness and strong ball skills that should be a terror in space, which is why defenses will look to get physical with him throughout his route"



Sudden, precise mover with elite lateral quickness and strong ball skills. Threatens off the line and into his stem systematically with a solid burst. Especially quick feet, and sets up DBs with layering footwork.

Good contact balance, toughness and elusiveness after the catch. Can stick his foot in the ground and make tacklers catch air in the open field. Good hands and can bail out errant passes. Determined, tough blocker. Playmaker in the red zone. Strong motor and character guy.

  • Jeudy uses his burst and footwork to confound A.J. Terrell here

  • Jeudy's lateral agility rivals that of his childhood friend, Lamar Jackson. Given a little space, his ball skills and yac ability will be a problem for defenses.



Physical, tactile corners can disrupt him. Tough but can't handle the rough collisions. Frequent concentration lapse drops.



Juedy is a big time playmaker with the ball in his hands. His vision, burst and lateral quickness are disturbing. His suddenness with precision makes it a chore for defenders to anticipate his routes.

He threatens off his release regularly and uses that foot quickness to separate at each level but physicality across his route can disrupt him. He's flashes some dog in him and with better strength and experience, he could dominate these match ups, but it's a bit of a hurdle presently.

He reminds me of a slightly smaller Keenan Allen but his yards after catch ability, body control and demeanor are reminiscent of 49ers great John Taylor.

NFL Comp. John Taylor



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