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Jaylon Johnson Scouting Report

"Good sized playmaking corner with starter traits that'll need to shore up his physicality and stay healthy to realize his potential"



Good sized corner with solid speed and quick footwork. Flashes man press ability and quick hands. Closes quickly playing off with anticipation.

Good ball skills and playmaking ability. Collected 7 ints and 21 PD's the past 3 seasons. Disciplined on and off the field.

  • Johnson has decent foot quickness for a good sized corner. His technique is generally sound playing off and up in press.

  • He flashes good potential as a press man guy. On this play at RCB he attacks his man with quick hands.



A little clunky in the open field despite great length and speed. High cut and can get shaky flipping hips.

Good foot quickness can shake him at the top of the route. Gets grabby when he feels he's losing a step.

Soft, poor tackler that will be a liability unless his technique improves. Likely antecedent is that he as a history of nagging shoulder issues and surgeries...the latest probably sidelining him for a good part of minicamp.

  • Johnson plays like a tall, high cut CB even though he's just 5'11. Solid quickness in and out of breaks can beat him. 2020 late round prospect Aaron Fuller here beats him on his break.

  • Johnson's a near prototype CB from a tools stand point but he's got a soft, passive tendency filling against the run. Injuries have played a factor here, to be fair.



Johnson's an impressive playmaking corner. His speed, length and feet are solid enough for the pro level. He's got high level ball skills and solid experience.

Great speed and explosiveness can stress him however, and put him on his heels.

He's a soft uninterested tackler in run support and that passivity trickles into his press game. With his length and athletic ability he should be a formidable press man guy but his physicality is a little off.

In his defense, it's been reported he played a good deal of 2019 with a torn labrum and if accurate, that certainly played a role in his overall physicality.

Johnson's mature with a pro mindset and solid athletic ability. He'll need to shore up his physicality and stay healthy to realize his potential.

NFL Comp. Cordrea Tankersley



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